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  • Lindi Nolte

Yes, I blog now (again).

A few years ago, I attempted blogging. As is the case with people who have their hands in too many cookie jars, I quickly became overwhelmed and saturated. I am trying this again for 4 reasons (people still love lists on blogs right?):

  1. Accountability. Even if no one reads this, it will help me 'publish' (share) my writing more consistently.

  2. My grandmother. She lives in South Africa, like many of my friends and family, and we don't get the opportunity to talk enough. Now they can all read about the crazy inner workings of my mind. Good luck fam-jam.

  3. Ego. Writing is hard. Writing well is really really hard. Writing perfectly is impossible. My ego has a tendency to convince me if I can't do something perfectly, I shouldn't do it at all. And well, I get bored easily, and then I want to eat, so doing nothing doesn't seem like a good option for me, or my waistline. This will be a practice of doing things regardless of how unfinished they may be.

  4. Fun. THIS IS FUNNNNNNN. Try it sometime. You write to an audience that is invisible and you can just...weeee!! and no one can stop you...and you don't have to deal with a disapproving face or an impatient sigh from someone who isn't having as much fun as you aaaaaare.

Stay Tuned.

Poems and stories coming.